Eileen Smith foundation (No Chance Chancer) has been setup to continue the great work by Eileen & Jed Smith,

Eileen was loved by so many & a truly inspirational woman….Her legacy lives on!!

Both of them are true champions in life.

“United WE Stand Divided WE fall”

Eileen & Jed Smith started this Foundation No Chance Chancer when Eileen was receiving Chemotherapy & having to travel back and forth to Hospital, many older patients had to do the same with no expenses or benefits from NHS or Government.

This is when Jed & Eileen decided it was time to change.

Their Mission started:                         Always smiling

Eileen's pose against Chancer
Eileen’s pose against Chancer

To provide free transport to & from hospital, for those less fortunate than some, who have to travel on public transport day after day weeks on end attending Chemo and radiotherapy, and after many hours trudging back home again on public transport.

With discussions taking place at the moment to provide a Bus to & from Edinburgh’s Western General, all future funding will be contributing to paying for the Bus & petrol money for patients.

  Jed fund raising with Jordan Henderson golf opening day

They both also support Celtic FC & struck up a great relationship with players & staff, so much so that Eileen was visited by ex-player John Hartson before going for her operation, they are also very close friends of another former Celtic player Garry Hooper & his father, with these connections & many others the support has been phenomenal.

The Celtic connection also came into play when a competition run by Celtic & Magners invited people to name a team to enter 7-a-side tournament, a friend of Eileen & Jed entered a name, we won & the name changed to “United we stand divided we fall” in memory of Eileen, the team travelled to Lennoxtown & won their way through to the finals at Parkhead, Eileen was definitely there watching over us, as we went on to win the full tournament.

On our way to Paradise

Another effort in memory of their mum & friend, Eileen’s Angels ran 10k for the charity lead by Sisters Leasa, Donna & Jo, make an impact with Radio hosts on the day Heart FM with Robin Galloway, who also connected on Twitter sharing their run/story.

share story group pic

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, we have decided to do this charity for our school project. We are wondering if you could possibly tell us,
    What year the charity started?
    What the charity would do with £3000 if it won the money?
    And, are there paid workers that help/volunteers?
    It would be much appreciated if you could reply.


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